Fruit and Vegetable Bags

Maximum Shelf Life

FreshSE fruit and vegetable bags absorb Ethlene gas (also known as growth hormone) and speed up respiration thus prevent skin softening of foodstuff. FreshSE bags maximize shelf life of fruitsand vegetables with gas permeability properties. (02,C02 and Water steam-humidity).

The basic reason for fresh fruit and vegetable to decay is the fact that the product continues its metabolic activities and physiologically grows old after harvest, and not ensuring the preservation that can inhibit or slow down these activities.

In conclusion, a desired level of balance during the respiration of preserved products and a long-term shelf life can be achieved owing to Freshse Packages.

  • Plast Eurasia
    Istanbul, 2016

    Plast Eurasia İstanbul 2016, the best trading platform of Turkish plastics industry will be opened on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 which is organized by Tüyap in cooperation with PAGEV - Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation.